Insane X Ese and the Vooduu People. March 08 2018

Design of band logo and merchandise for Ese and the Vooduu People. 

Insane Japan Spring/Summer 2018. March 07 2018


Insane Japan Spring/Summer 2018 collection story book.

Ged Wells 'Epoch of the Succulent Anarchipelago' at Huck London. March 07 2018


Ged Wells; Epoch of the Succulent Anarchipelago at Huck coffee and music space in Walthamstow London. An exhibition of hand cut collage works with narrative poems depicting ironic mythological residencies upon a string of imagined arid islands. A limited edition of books is also available from Huck. 

Insane X Briar London March 07 2018

Branding design, logos and textile prints for the new UK based mens apparel brand; Briar London.


Insane X Wheels of Steel March 07 2018

Insane X Wheels of Steel; art, design, production of T shirts and stickers for the UK independent vert series skate competition.

Insane Japan Spring 2017 May 04 2017

Insane X Aerosoul "Peaceful Lion". February 22 2017

Insane X Aerosoul Ltd, 'Peaceful Lion' limited edition collaboration skateboard, T shirt and print.

Ged Wells for Kids Laboratory Garments, Tokyo. February 22 2017

Ged Wells has created a series of hand cut collage works. Elements were extracted from these character filled landscapes and used as images for textile prints on a Kids Laboratory Garments T shirt collection.

Ged Wells for Kids Laboratory Garments, Tokyo February 22 2017

Ged Wells for Push Periodical skate mag. February 22 2017

The Insane Aviary at True Romance gallery. February 22 2017

Ged Wells exhibition The Insane Aviary at True Romance gallery, Rare Bits Truro.

Insane X Pool Aoyama X FMAM February 22 2017

Insane collaboration collection with FMAM and Hiroshi Fujiwara's Pool Aoyama store Tokyo. Ged Wells exhibited textural paintings of classic Insane icons alongside a new 'Blue Horse' icon he created for stylist Masah. The collection consisted of both adult and children's clothing and accessories adorned with Insane textile prints. 

Ged Wells 'Nihilistic Puppets' at Thunders store London. February 22 2017

Ged Wells exhibition of new paintings and drawings entitled 'Nihilistic Puppets', showing at Thunders store London. 

Ged Wells X Thunders store X Hide Oguro February 22 2017

The Wild Strawberry Menagerie exhibition. February 22 2017

Ged Wells exhibition of painted collage ' The Wild Strawberry Menagerie' at the Cotswold Design store in Upper Slaughter.

Insane X Beams store Japan February 22 2017

Insane has collaborated with Beams store Japan, creating a tailored collection of upside down classic Insane icons on a range of clothing and accessories. 

Insane X Kids Love Gaite shoes Tokyo February 22 2017

Ged Wells for Ventnor Skatepark February 22 2017

Part of exhibition fundraiser for Ventnor skatepark Isle of Wight.

Insane X Barneys of NY Tokyo February 22 2017


Limited Edition collection Insane classics for Barneys of NY Tokyo.

Insane for Goodhood store 'T Shirt Now' exhibition. February 22 2017

Ged Wells for The Deck Chair Project. February 22 2017

Goodhood x Save Southbank exhibition. February 22 2017

Ged Wells sculpture skateboard as part of the Save Southbank exhibition by Goodhood store London.

Save Southbank book. February 22 2017

Ged Wells illustration for Save Southbank book.

Insane X Kids Love Gaite Tokyo. February 22 2017

Insane collaboration with Shintaro Yamamoto's shoe brand 'Kids Love Gaite'. Ged Wells created fresh KLG logo branding for the project which included productions of strawberry camouflage shoes, cast shoehorns as well as a collection of hats and T shirts.

Insane Skateboards in Sidewalk magazine February 22 2017

Insane X B-Side by Wale. February 22 2017

Insane X Comechatto & Closet Tokyo. February 22 2017


Collection of classic Insane Kids T shirts for Comechatto & Closet Tokyo.

Insane x Olde skateboards February 22 2017

Ged Wells creates Ye Simile Olde Stories insane collection, including a collaboration skateboard with Olde Skateboards. 

Insane X Black Pug. February 22 2017

Logo design by Ged Wells for the Black Pug Apparel brand.

Insane X Lazerian February 22 2017

Strawberry Gerald the dog by Ged Wells for Lazerian.

Insane X The Asbo Kid February 22 2017

James Atkin; lead singer of EMF got together with Justin Welch; drummer from Suede and Elastica. They started a band called 'The Asbo Kid' and asked Ged Wells to create logo designs and illustrations for several of their releases. 

Big Egg Hunt 'Strawg' sculpture. February 22 2017

Strawg sculpture by Ged Wells, part of Big Egg Hunt fundraiser exhibition for Action for Children charity.

Insane X Idler Magazine merchandise. January 27 2017

When Tom Hodgkinson and Gavin Pretor Pinney began the Idler Magazine   in 1996, they asked Ged Wells to design them a snail logo. All these years later the Idler is still gaining momentum and the snail logo is still coasting along.