Insane X Kids Love Gaite Tokyo.

Insane collaboration with Shintaro Yamamoto's shoe brand 'Kids Love Gaite'. Ged Wells created fresh KLG logo branding for the project which included productions of strawberry camouflage shoes, cast shoehorns as well as a collection of hats and T shirts.

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Insane X Black Pug.

Logo design by Ged Wells for the Black Pug Apparel brand.

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Insane X Lazerian

Strawberry Gerald the dog by Ged Wells for Lazerian.

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Insane X Idler Magazine merchandise.

When Tom Hodgkinson and Gavin Pretor Pinney began the Idler Magazine   in 1996, they asked Ged Wells to design them a snail logo. All these years later the Idler is still gaining momentum and the snail logo is still coasting along. 

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Insane X The Asbo Kid

James Atkin; lead singer of EMF got together with Justin Welch; drummer from Suede and Elastica. They started a band called 'The Asbo Kid' and asked Ged Wells to create logo designs and illustrations for several of their releases. 

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Insane X Aerosoul "Peaceful Lion".

Insane X Aerosoul Ltd, 'Peaceful Lion' limited edition collaboration skateboard, T shirt and print.

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The Insane Aviary at True Romance gallery.

Ged Wells exhibition The Insane Aviary at True Romance gallery, Rare Bits Truro.

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