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The Wild Strawberry Menagerie exhibition.

Ged Wells exhibition of painted collage ' The Wild Strawberry Menagerie' at the Cotswold Design store in Upper Slaughter.

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Ged Wells for Ventnor Skatepark

Part of exhibition fundraiser for Ventnor skatepark Isle of Wight.

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Insane X Comechatto & Closet Tokyo.


Collection of classic Insane Kids T shirts for Comechatto & Closet Tokyo.

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Insane x Olde skateboards

Ged Wells creates Ye Simile Olde Stories insane collection, including a collaboration skateboard with Olde Skateboards. 

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Big Egg Hunt 'Strawg' sculpture.

Strawg sculpture by Ged Wells, part of Big Egg Hunt fundraiser exhibition for Action for Children charity.
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Insane X Beams store Japan

Insane has collaborated with Beams store Japan, creating a tailored collection of upside down classic Insane icons on a range of clothing and accessories. 

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Ged Wells for Kids Laboratory Garments, Tokyo.

Ged Wells has created a series of hand cut collage works. Elements were extracted from these character filled landscapes and used as images for textile prints on a Kids Laboratory Garments T shirt collection.

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Ged Wells 'Nihilistic Puppets' at Thunders store London.

Ged Wells exhibition of new paintings and drawings entitled 'Nihilistic Puppets', showing at Thunders store London. 

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